Purpose Based Lending when you need it

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a loan for a purpose

Purpose Based Lending (PBL) or In-Store Finance is a lending product for you to finance good and services in real-time, on a variety of platforms including online.  SwitchPay offers both short-term (less than 4 months) and long-term lending options.

PBL is and alternative payment option to traditional payments, such as card, cash or EFT. It’s flexible and helps when making large purchases or having to finance costly services. 

The PBL process will link you to the appropriate credit provider and return the best available loan offer.

SwitchPay manages the entire process, quickly and seamlessly

Giving you a convenient alternative payment and finance option through our network of providers

SwitchPay manages the loan application process from beginning to end. You will receive the best available loan offer. You can apply at the point of sale or via an online digital link. 

Activated Providers include:

  • Nedbank
  • Capitec

  • Smartadvance

  • Medifin

  • Lendcor

  • Ammacom Finance

  • Efin

  • Closed loop solutions with Specialised Funding Partners

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