Layby - A product to help your customers save

Layby is a purpose based savings product

For customers who prefer to save rather than to borrow

Layby or Purpose Based Savings is a product that you as a merchant can offer your customers to finance goods and services in real-time.  A deposit is paid to the merchant and the balance is paid through a PBS account. 

Layby or PBS is ideally suited for customers who do not qualify for a PBL product or prefer to save rather than to borrow funds to pay for goods and services. 

Why you should use SwitchPay?

Giving your customers a convenient and secure alternative payment option

SwitchPay offers your customers the option to open a Layby account at the point of sale or online.

Your customer pays a deposit for your goods or services. They can then select the period of repayment that can conveniently be paid, using Debicheck, cash at ATM or another selected payment option.

Customers can apply online or in-store for a Layby account. 

Grow your turnover and customer base by offering the secure and affordable way for your customers to save and pay.

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