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SwitchPay is an Alternative Payment Platform that merchants can activate in-store and online. We offer a merchant’s customers alternative ways to pay for their goods or services, with our payment options, such as Purpose Based Lending (“PBL”), Layby and Subscription Agreements.

Purpose Based Lending, or PBL for short, is an in-store and online lending product for consumers. It is an alternative way to pay for a product or service offered by a merchant. SwitchPay offers both short and long term products.

All PBL products offered by SwitchPay credit providers are regulated by the National Credit Act (“NCA”) So all interest rate and credit charges are regulated accordingly.  Actual rates are determined by the credit providersand will depend on the risk assessment and credit costs associated with the applicant and the product.

SwitchPay offers both short term (Less than 4 months) and medium to long term (12 to 72 months). PBL finance and loan mounts vary from as little as R1 000 to R300 000.  Smaller loan amounts are generally offered over shorter periods and larger loan amounts over longer periods.

Layby or Purpose Based Savings (PBS) is a way to save and pay for a product or service. If you cannot afford it upfront, or you’d like to save for a high value purchase or service, apply for a Layby and save. SwitchPay offers real-time Layby activation in-store and online. Just pay your deposit and start saving with this convenient and secure payment option.

You can pay your deposit in-store or online by card or cash at ATM and thereafter we offer convenient monthly payment options such as EFT, debit order, card payment at merchant or cash at either ATM or selected retailers.

Layby terms vary by merchant and may also be product specific. The Layby terms generally vary between 2 and 12 months. 

A Subscription Agreement is where a customer agrees to pay a subscription amount for an agreed subscription period to a service provider for the use of goods or services.

SwitchPay offers Subscription Agreements for specific services or products of merchants both in-store and online. For in-store offerings look for the product specific QR Codes and online for the SwitchPay alternative payment links at activated merchants.

In 4 Easy Steps. 

  1. Email SwitchPay on contact@switchpay.co.za or register on our website 
  2. Sign up for the SwitchPay services you require
  3. Activate in-store POS card machine to accept SwitchPay payment options. SwitchPay has a number of integrated card POS and other solutions for in-store payment acceptance
  4. Offer SwitchPay in-store using a branded QR code or use our online digital platform

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