Give the alternative

Way to Pay

SwitchPay is an Alternative Payment Provider

We link a Merchant's Customers with Credit or Service Providers

SwitchPay offers various payment options for your customers, such as in-store finance, Layby, Subscription Agreements and others. We do this by integrating with various banks, credit providers, bureaus and other service providers. Your Customer simply scans the SwitchPay QR code in-store and applies for one of the relevant payment options available at your SwitchPay activated store.  Once their application is approved, your customer authorises the payment to the you at the SwitchPay activated pay points and they can collect their Goods.

Interested in becoming a SwitchPay Merchant?

Below are some of the activated Merchants offering SwitchPay products

How do you get Switched On?

Activating our product is as easy as using it!
Merchants can now instantly offer their customers seamless in-store finance and other payment options including an end to end Layby solution. No integrations required, just Switch it On and watch your business grow!
Apply now by following these 4 easy steps:

Imagine the possibilities

Increase your bottom line by offering a convenient and alternative way to pay

Boost Sales

Give your customers an alternative way to finance purchases, in your store.


Get the security you need, with authorised upfront payments for goods.



Keep your best customers coming back again and again. Increase the conversion of new customers.

Boost Sales and give your customers a convenient

alternative Way to Pay

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