How SwitchPay can help you

SwitchPay has developed the functionality to engage with Customers online via Web or Mobile Phone 24/7 plus in-store on a number of integrated platforms (”Access Points”) of Banks, Retail Merchants, Service Providers and other Fintech Companies, in order to provide seamless digital services to Retailers and other Merchants and their Customers.  

Currently our B2B solutions include entities such as Banks, Credit Providers, Retail Merchants, Service Providers including Credit Card Processors and directly to Customers of these entities.

Our core products include:

These products are designed to assist Merchants to increase their sales by providing innovative alternative payment options to their Customer base.  It is available on a variety of digital platforms.

On the back of the development and integrations delivered to date to enable the above-mentioned core products, SwitchPay has also developed several value-added or standalone products running on the same platform which requires configuration and minimal development, if required.  

These developments were done specifically for the South African financial or retail market which is a hybrid of first world banking or retail markets as well as a large unbanked market and lower LSM Customers. To cater for such a diverse customer base, SwitchPay has had to innovate and apply out-of-the-box thinking to extend solutions to levels not expected in most of the traditional Fintech markets. The developed solutions are therefore robust and cost effective to minimise costs and make the products affordable and accessible to a more diverse client base.

If your business requires a complete digital experience to on-board, contract with or collect money from Customers, SwitchPay can help you by “Linking you through Technology”!

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